Jewelry network – Diamonds of Yakutia

In 2000, Komdragmetall took its first step into the retail jewelry market by opening its first jewelry store. For sale were certified diamonds of various cuts, mammoth tusk and stone souvenirs, and various other jewelry produced in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The next year, Komdragmetall was charged with creating a large sales network for Yakut jewelry for local, domestic, and foreign markets. To achieve this goal, the Jewelry and Sales Organization LLC was created, later transformed into the well-known Jewels of Yakutia LLC.

In 2011, Komdragmetall created a new chain of jewelry stores under the unified brand Diamonds of Yakutia, which is still being expanded today. Diamonds of Yakutia is found in eight Russian cities: Yakutsk, Mirny, Lenks, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Blagovechshensk, Novosibirsk and Moscow.

Beta Launch of our online store

In order to be closer to our customers during quarantine, we have launched an internet catalogue of certified diamonds and popular jewels at

There you can familiarize yourself with our line of jewelry and look up prices. New information and items are regularly being added. You can reach out to us by phone, or on Whatsapp/Telegram and our sales team will happily help you find exactly what you’re looking for and answer your questions.

Contactless delivery is available. Our curriers wear PPE including masks and gloves can timely deliver your orders without the need for direct contact and payment can be made by card.