Social Responsibility

Komdragmetall has financially supported more than 100 enterprises in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in a wide array of industries from telecommunications to construction, diamond mining to food production and many others which continue to develop and improve in their respective markets.

In everything we do, Komdragmetall pays special attention to social responsibility to society and future generations of Yakutians.

Among the institutions we support, there are both small rural schools and large educational institutions that have reached high levels of success. Equally strategically important to education, are medical institutions whose technologically advanced equipment are often a matter of life and death.

Thanks to Komdragmetall, more than 250 community facilities (including healthcare, education, drainage, agriculture and others) have been equipped with new technologies and have under gone renovations.

Traditionally, Komdragmetall focuses its attention to social responsibilities into three categories

  • A socially responsible personnel policy: safe working conditions, stable wages, timely payment of taxes, taking preventative safety precautions, and, if possible, new hires (expanding our workforce);
  • Our relationships with external partners by providing financial and sponsorship assistance to third-party organizations, non-profits, and individuals;
  • The promotion of healthy lifestyles.

For more than 25 years, these principles have become some of the most important intangible assets that Komdragmetall has built its reputation upon.

Komdragmetall is in charge of the Zhuravushka orphanage in Yakutsk, where we provide support for the boarding school, school for the deaf, and orphans there. We provide assistance to WWII veterans, including those who served on the home front, and their families. Our work includes restoring war memorials, rebuilding districts after natural disasters, and helping citizen recover from illnesses.

We reinvest our profits back into the Republic by building kindergartens, schools, trade schools in the Khangalassky region and by funding the reconstruction of the Complex of the Mother of God and the Yakut Theological School of the Russian Orthodox Church. Five other churches have been restored and financing was provided for induction of the Yakutian Heroic Epic ‘Olonkho’ into the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Komdragmetall sponsors sporting events across Russia, and is an official partner of the international sporting competition “Children of Asia.” The event has been held in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) every 4 years since 1996 and is under the guidance of the IOC, UNESCO, and the Olympic Council of Asia (which includes 45 national Olympic committees).

In total, Komdragmetall has freely given over 460 million rubles towards improving the community in multitudes of ways: educational, religious, cultural and scientific, in the past 25 years.