Diamond cutting

The process of cutting a diamond is considered to be the most difficult and exacting of steps in the manufacture of diamonds.

Komdragmetall’s main and most important sphere of activity is the production and sale of its own diamonds. The Gemcutting Workshop, a subdivision of the company, is the largest diamond producer in the Sakha Republic today.

The Workshop team consists of top professionals in their field, graduating from both foreign and Russian universities with cutting experience going back to the 1990s.

The Workshop can handle any size stone, from -12+11 to large rough diamonds over 10 carats.

The majority of that the Workshop produces is sold through our own jewelry network, Diamonds of Yakutia, as well as set stones for domestic jewelry buyers-producers.

Under Russian law, all loose diamonds must be certified for retail sale. The certification is done at the gemological laboratory of the Yakutsk Gemological Center LLC.

The certificate works as a passport for the diamond, issued by independent expert assessment. It indicates the specific characteristics of the stone: shape, size, proportions, weight, color, clarity, cut and polish quality.

We produce and sell diamonds of various cuts that focus on the tastes of the consumer. In addition to the traditional round cut of 57 facets, we produce the oval, pear, triangle, princess, emerald, cushion, and radiant cuts.

Some of our stones are sold in our overseas sales networks via our daughter companies: Sakha Diamond Shanghai Company Limited, and Sakha Minerals Limited, which cover the world’s major centers of diamond trade in Hong Kong, the USA and Southeast Asia.

In partnership with Russian and foreign diamond mining companies, we can guarantee that our all diamonds are from natural sources.